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Firstly congratulations and if you are just starting to think about a church wedding

at St James the Great Church Bierton,  

we would suggest that you visit the Church of England wedding website: initially to check out the legal aspects of getting married in church. Banns are a legal requirement and have to be read not only in the church

where you choose to be married but also in any other parish(es) where you both reside. 

For such a special day, we can offer you a meaningful, spiritual and beautiful

church wedding ceremony.

The Church of England website can also help you with planning

your ceremony, as here you can choose hymns and readings, look at frequently asked questions

about marrying in church and get some idea of the costs involved.

Please visit the website  htpps://  to check if you live within our Parish.

Please Note that "A Church Near You" Website gives a quick access to churches and services

in the locality, but it is not a legal record of boundaries.

Broughton Crossing is no longer in our Parish, but is now part of the Parish of Broughton.


If you would like to enquire about a Wedding, please email us at 

giving us your full names, full addresses including your postcodes and your proposed wedding date.



If you or your partner are divorced, this is not an automatic disbarring of being able to marry

within the parish but there are additional procedures that have to be followed

before a decision can be made at the discretion of the Vicar.

Marriages: Welcome
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