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Building a Sacred Community

A Baptism (Christening) is a service to admit those being baptised into the family of the church.  In order to bring a child for baptism, parents and god-parents, or in the case of adults, themselves and their sponsors make serious promises, saying that they are Christians and that they wish to nurture that faith in the context of regular attendance at their parish church.  With this in mind we would hope that you would to come to some of our church services before enquiring about Baptism, just to make sure you are happy to commit to becoming regular attenders at our church. 

As well as explaining the process for bringing a child/adult to be baptised we will want to talk to you about what it means to be Christian today and becoming part of our church family. 

Baptisms take place during our Sunday morning Services.

Please  visit the website  htpps://  

to check if you live within our Parish.

Please Note that "A Church Near You" Website gives a quick access to churches and services in the locality,

but it is not a legal record of boundaries.

Broughton Crossing is no longer in our Parish,

but is now part of the Parish of Broughton.


If you would like to enquire about Baptism, please email us at giving us your full names and

full address including your postcode.

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Baptisms: Welcome
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