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100 Club

Three Cash Prizes Every Month

Entry Fee is £12.00  (£1.00 per month)

Payable Annually in Advance

Each member will be given a Unique Number which will be entered in each Monthly Draw.

Draws will take place on the First Saturday of each Month at 11.00 am

in St James Church

Total proceeds will be divided equally with 50% given in Cash Prizes and the balance to further the Church’s Mission

Anticipated Monthly Prizes
(Depending on Total Number of Participants):

1st Prize  -  £30.00   2nd Prize  -  £20.00   3rd Prize  -  £10.00

With an additional Christmas Super Draw

For further details and to enter, please speak to Len or Suzanne, 

or contact them on 01296  487954

AVDC Small Lottery Registration Number:  LC201711-543

100 Club: Welcome
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